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the peaceful Arcadia wh
ere he should have rema
ined safe and content,
he set out on the fatal
road which led to the
calamities of civilisat
ion. We need not follow
Rousseau in his descri
ption of those calamiti
es which he attributes
to wealth and the artif
icial conditions of soc
iety. His indictment wa
s too general and rheto
rical to make much impr
ession. In truth, a mor
e powerful and comprehe
nsive case against civi
lised society was drawn
up about the same time
, though with a very di
fferent motive, by one
whose thought represent
The Idea of Progress
An inguiry into its origin and growth by Bury, J. B. (John Bagnell), 1861-1927