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it was "a low-down, mea
sly trick" which the Si
zers ought to resent. T
hey all began drinking
again, to calm their fe
elings, and after the m
idday dinner Bill Sizer
grabbed a huge cowhide
whip and started to Mi
llville to "lick the ed
itor to a standstill."
A wagonload of his gues
ts accompanied him, and
Molly pleaded with her
brother not to hurt Mr
s. Weldon. "I won't; bu
t I'll cowhide that fre
sh husband of hers," de
clared Bill. "He's the
editor--the paper says
so--and he's the one I'
m after!" CHAPTER XIII
Aunt Jane's Nieces on Vacation by Dyne, Edith Van, 1856-1919