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ay," replied Edward Hen
ry. "I don't see what M
iss Euclid's age has to
do with the matter." "
Then your eyesight must
be defective, Mr. Slos
son." "The document mig
ht be a forgery." "It m
ight. But I've got an a
utograph letter written
entirely in the late L
ord Woldo's hand, enclo
sing the option." "Let
me see it, please." "Ce
rtainly--but in a court
of law," said Edward H
enry. "You know you're
hungry for a good actio
n, followed by a bill o
f costs as long as from
here to Jericho." "Mr.
Wrissell will assuredl
y fight," said Mr. Slos
The Regent by Bennett, Arnold, 1867-1931