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e lake's dark dumbness,
through the dungeon un
der the dust, proclaimi
ng freedom to the shack
led seeds! Like the lau
ghter of lightning, lik
e the shout of a storm,
break into the midst o
f the noisy town; free
stifled word and uncons
cious effort, reinforce
our flagging fight, an
d conquer death! 2 I ha
ve looked on this pictu
re in many a month of M
arch when the mustard i
s in bloom--this lazy l
ine of the water and th
e grey of the sand beyo
nd, the rough path alon
g the river-bank carryi
ng the comradeship of t
he field into the heart
The Fugitive by Tagore, Rabindranath, 1861-1941