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to be on the stage, bu
t I'll stay here and pr
ompt you. Enter Lady El
len. Come along, Mrs. P
erkins. Please begin. M
rs. Perkins. I thought
we'd decided that I was
to be sitting here whe
n the curtain went up?
Yardsley. So we did. I'
d forgotten that.--We'l
l begin all over again.
Perkins, drop that cur
tain. Perkins! Perkins.
What? Yardsley. Drop t
he curtain. Perkins. Wh
ere's the bell? I didn'
t hear any bell ring. Y
ardsley. Oh, never mind
the bell! Let her down
. Perkins. I beg your p
ardon, but I positively
refuse. I believe in d
The Bicyclers and Three Other Farces by Bangs, John Kendrick, 1862-1922