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Welcome to the website of the Réseau européen d'études littéraires comparées/European Network for Comparative Literary Studies.

This website aims to be a useful tool for comparatists in Europe and beyond: please add your details and CVs, information on your institutions, courses, research projects, new jobs, conference or book announcements, calls for papers... anything relevant to comparative literature! The site has a fully searchable database, and the more information is logged on, the more useful it will be. The Forum page allows us to have discussions on particular topics too.

Réseau européen d'études littéraires comparées/European Network for Comparative Literary Studies aims to provide a European space for interdisciplinary dialogues about culture, literature and literary studies and to facilitate exchanges of ideas and information among scholars and organisations committed to the study of general and comparative literature, promoting international collaborative research and teaching, generating relevant debates through publications and international conferences, enabling the circulation of students and staff, and generally supporting and internationalising the work of regional, national, cross-national associations.

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Executive Committee (26 September 2013 - 27 August 2015):

Executive Committee (2 September 2011 - 26 September 2013):

Executive Committee (11 September 2009 - 2 September 2011):

Executive Committee (6 September 2007 - 11 September 2009):

  • Aude Ameille (Paris IV, Postgraduate Representative)
  • Cécilia Barrett (Limoges, Postgraduate Representative)
  • Nele Bemong (Leuven, Postdoc Representative)
  • Lucia Boldrini (London) - General Coordinator
  • Marko Juvan (Ljubljana)
  • Dolores Romero López (Madrid)
  • Roland Lysell (Stockholm)
  • Alain Montandon (Clermont)
  • Roumiana Stantcheva (Sofia)
  • Aleš Vaupotič, Webmaster (Ljubljana)
  • Jola Škulj, Web Coordinator (Ljubljana)
  • Florian Mussgnug, Synapsis Summer School, Hermes Network (London)

Executive Committee (17 September 2005 - 6 September 2007):

  • Lucia Boldrini (General Coordinator)
  • Helena Buescu
  • Mario Domenichelli (Immediate Past GC)
  • Bart Keunen
  • Liesbeth Korthals-Althes
  • Jola Škulj
  • Monica Spiridon
  • Jüri Talvet
  • Bertrand Wesphal
  • Alain Montandon (2007 conference, co-opted member)
  • Florian Mussgnug (List-serve, co-opted member)
  • Aleš Vaupotič (Webmaster, co-opted member)
  • Markus Winkler (Mirror website, co-opted member)

Executive Committee (2 May 2003 - 17 September 2005):


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Mirror site: Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana (http://www.fri.uni-lj.si).
Thanks to: Dr Lucia Boldrini, Prof Dr Oto Luthar, Prof Dr Darko Dolinar, Uroš Parazajda, Prof Dr Nikolaj Zimic, Prof Dr Franc Solina, Matej Grom.

Production: REELC/ENCLS & SRC SASA/ZRC SAZU, 2007-2016.

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