Dr Zsuzsanna Varga

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United Kingdom
University of Glasgow
Central and East European Studies
English, Hungarian, Portuguese, German
Teaching areas: 

 Central European literature, Hungarian literature, Central European film, CEU history and cultural history

Research areas: 

 Book history, printing history, reception studies, travel writing


 Regular attendance at MLA conventions; regular attendance at the ICLA conferences;  membership of AHEA



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 Edited volumes 

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2005.At the End of the Broken Bridge: An Anthology of Contemporary Hungarian Poetry. Budapest: Parnasszus and Manchester: Carcanet, 2005. (Bilingual)

Cencrastus: Contemporary Hungarian Literature inTranslation. August, 2005. (special issue; in English )

2001.Babel Guide to Hungarian Literature in English Translation. London: Boulevard Books, 2001. (In English)







Articles and chapters


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